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Are you the typeof leader who...
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Rise & Thrive is a practical, no-hassle  leadership experience to support you in the hybrid/remote world.
With Rise and Thrive, you'll discover how to:

Inspire the people around you.

Increase your team’s productivity by learning how to challenge your own preconceived notions of leadership and about your team. This will help you become more aware of your own actions and behaviors when thinking about individual team members.

Find Balance.

Fact: Managers spend 3 hours per day handling unforeseen interruptions and distractions.*

Source: “Time Management Statistics” Trafft

Effectively prioritizing and balancing work is essential in achieving goals as a leader. Making the most important decisions about what you want to accomplish is critical for each team member and the team's overall success.

Empower performance beyond what you thought was possible.

Fact: 87% of millennials and 69% of non-millennials considered career development to be an important part of the job.*

Source: “Millenial Training Needs” SGE International

Developing your team can have a tremendous impact. When you coach, mentor, and allow for different experiences, you’re helping people grow and improve. This not only benefits your team’s overall success but also each individual’s job satisfaction.

Rise and Thrive is... Tailored to your needs.

There are thousands of books, articles, and videos about upgrading your leadership skills.

We know it can be overwhelming. That's why we curated a list of materials for busy people like you.

Built with brilliant ideas

We built Rise and Thrive around finding practical tips to help you build better habits...and keep them, too!

What animal do you see?

Rabbit or Duck?

We all see and hear the world from our own perspective. Remind yourself that when presented with an idea or thought from the team member, it is not wrong—it’s just different.

Dare: Once a day, invite a team member to consider how they might solve a problem if they were in your shoes. Resist the urge to offer advice, and listen as much as possible.

Reward: Considering new perspectives helps you understand the priorities of others and make decisions that are best for your team.

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Get inspired by a collection of super-talented thought leaders @ Bayer along with other experts like this guy.

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Let's try some small things now and build habits that have a big impact.

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The Leadership Reimagined Series

Kickstart the New Year
December 7th, 2pm EST (1pm CT)
Watch the Keynote
Video Coming Soon

Dane Jensen

December 7th, 2pm EST (1pm CT)


A Virtual Conversation with Dane Jensen

Acclaimed speaker, teacher, writer, and expert in the field of performance.

Throughout your Rise and Thrive journey, we’ve dared you to take action, to apply techniques that will inspire, empower, and bring balance. Now it’s time to put those actions to work. 

In this conversation, acclaimed speaker Dane Jensen will offer inspiration and insight into how you can create connections, be creative, make a difference, and kick off 2023 with good habits. Fueled by Jensen’s expertise in performance, you’re bound to leave this talk feeling ready to tackle whatever comes your way in the new year.  

Acclaimed speaker, teacher, writer, and expert in the field of performance.

Dane Jensen is the author of the recently published book The Power of Pressure. In this life-changing book, he asked people from all walks of life the question, “What’s the most pressure you’ve ever been under?” Using interviews and stories with Olympic athletes, Navy SEALS, overworked managers, and busy parents, Jensen uncovers how we can make pressure the wind at our back instead of the weight on our shoulders.

Rise & Thrive Kickstart the new year with  a virtual conversation with Dane Jensen! Don’t miss it!! 📢
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